Poliovirus detected in NYC sewage; health officials urge vaccination

Enlarge / Transmission electron micrograph of poliovirus type 1. (credit: Getty | BSIP) Health officials in New York are ramping up efforts to boost polio vaccination rates in local children as yet more poliovirus has surfaced in sewage sampling. On Friday, August 12, New York state and New York City health officials announced that poliovirus had been detected for the first time in New York City sewage, suggesting local circulation of … [Read more...]

LG plans to introduce 20-inch OLED panels this year

Enlarge / A promotional image for LG's larger OLED televisions. (credit: LG) LG plans to introduce a 20-inch OLED panel by the end of the year, and unlike most other offerings in this size, it will be used in consumer devices. LG is the leading manufacturer of OLED panels for several other device categories, and the company has been making panels for watches, TVs, and smartphones—but this will be the first time the company will make … [Read more...]

Betelgeuse is bouncing back after blowing its top in 2019

Enlarge / Artist’s conception in 2021 provided a close-up of Betelgeuse’s irregular surface and its giant, dynamic gas bubbles, with distant stars dotting the background. (credit: European Southern Observatory) Astronomers are still making new discoveries about the red supergiant star Betelgeuse, which experienced a mysterious "dimming" a few years ago. That dimming was eventually attributed to a cold spot and a stellar "burp" that … [Read more...]

Xiaomi clones the Galaxy Fold, makes it 40% thinner, adds a bigger battery

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2. Yep, that's thin. [credit: Xiaomi ] If you're disappointed by Samsung's relatively slow progress on foldables, say hello to the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2, which looks significantly more advanced than what we saw in this week's announcement from Samsung. But it's for China only, of course. Sorry. The Mix Fold 2 closely … [Read more...]

US approves Google plan to let political emails bypass Gmail spam filter

Enlarge The US Federal Election Commission approved a Google plan on Thursday to let campaign emails bypass Gmail spam filters. The FEC's advisory opinion adopted in a 4-1 vote said Gmail's pilot program is permissible under the Federal Election Campaign Act and FEC regulations "and would not result in the making of a prohibited in-kind contribution." The FEC said Google's approved plan is for "a pilot program to test new Gmail design … [Read more...]

The Soviet Union once hunted endangered whales to the brink of extinction

Enlarge / Soviet whalers manning mechanized harpoons in 1960. (credit: Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Every year, an estimated 13 million people go whale-watching around the world, marveling at the sight of the largest animals ever to inhabit Earth. It’s a dramatic reversal from a century ago, when few people ever saw a living whale. The creatures are still recovering from massive industrial-scale hunting that nearly … [Read more...]