Google halves its revenue share of in-app subscriptions on the Play store

Enlarge (credit: Google Play) Google has made another tweak to the fee structure for apps hosted on the Google Play app store, again granting certain developers a larger slice of the pie. The change specifically affects apps that rely on recurring subscription revenue. Previously, Google took a cut of 30 percent in the first year that a recurring subscription was active, then 15 percent in the years after that. Now, Google will take a … [Read more...]

CDC advisory panel unanimously approves expanded COVID vaccine boosters

Enlarge (credit: iStock / Getty Images) On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control's expert advisory committee on vaccines met to vote on new guidelines for the use of boosters to sustain the immunity provided by the COVID-19 vaccines in use in the US. The day prior, the Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) that greatly expanded the number of vaccinated people who could receive a booster shot. That … [Read more...]

Stardew Valley’s creator announces pixel-art followup Haunted Chocolatier

Emphasis on "in development." There's no release date for this Stardew Valley successor just yet. [credit: ConcernedApe LLC ] On Thursday, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone dropped a two-minute teaser video for an entirely new game pretty much out of nowhere. The new game, titled Haunted Chocolatier, looks a lot like Stardew Valley, … [Read more...]

Poaching drove the evolution of tusk-free elephants

Enlarge / A tuskless elephant in Mozambique. (credit: iStock / Getty Images) Because of poaching problems, some wildlife authorities have resorted to removing the horns of rhinos to eliminate the reason they're poached in the first place. As it turns out, evolution came up with a similar solution. A 15-year-long civil war in Mozambique set off a burst of poaching that ultimately killed 90 percent of a national park's elephant population. … [Read more...]

Watch this wooden knife cut effortlessly through juicy, medium-well-done steak

Researchers at the University of Maryland (UMD) have figured out a simple, affordable method for creating natural wood materials that are 23 times harder than typical woods, according to a new paper published in the journal Matter. They tested their hardened wood samples by fashioning a wooden knife and several wooden nails and found that the performance of both matched or exceeded that of their steel counterparts. The researchers even managed to … [Read more...]

Microsoft prepares another major Windows update… for Windows 10

Enlarge (credit: Microsoft) Windows 11 is out, but Microsoft isn't leaving Windows 10 behind just yet. The November Update for Windows 10 (also known as version 21H2) has rolled out to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview channel and is also available to download as an ISO file. Microsoft expects the current build, version 19044.1288, to be the same one that is released to the general public next month. As milestone updates go, … [Read more...]