I Bought a Pair of Overalls and Now I Will Never Wear Anything Else 

My “look”—if I even possess such a thing—is best described as equal parts “teenage dirtbag” and “someone who is allergic to pants.” My wardrobe is comprised of jeans, jeans that have been cut into shorts, t-shirts, flimsy dresses, and not much else. But a new garment has edged its way into my wardrobe—and heart—and it…Read more... … [Read more...]

Change Your Passwords Right Now: 560 Million Email Credentials Have Been Leaked 

You know by now that you should be changing your passwords regularly— every day there seems to be another cyber security crisis. If you haven’t changed your passwords recently, it’s now officially time: a massive database containing login credentials is floating around the internet. Read more... … [Read more...]

How to Buy a Puppy Without Getting Scammed

Let’s talk about buying pets online. It’s not a terrible idea, if you can avoid the flood of online scammers waiting to take your money without handing over a puppy. If you’re really set on a specific breed or don’t have a shelter near you, keep these tips in mind so you don’t get taken advantage of.Read more... … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being a Lazy Piece of Garbage 

You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This advice isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and may even be a little bitter. Welcome to Tough Love.Read more... … [Read more...]

How to Be a Tech Podcast God with Leo Laporte 

This week on The Upgrade we talk with Leo Laporte: author, entrepreneur, speaker, and yes—tech podcast god. Read more... … [Read more...]

Lifehacker 2017-05-12 22:00:00

I love a good, topical lawn ornament—especially if it can perform double duty as some sort of scarecrow—so I am naturally pretty obsessed with what one brilliant woman is calling the “Garden Spicer.”Read more... … [Read more...]