Google Play Wear OS apps for watches finally easier to find

Google just updated Google Play to make certain wearable-friendly apps easier to find. If you’re searching Google Play on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you’ll now be able to key-in on a few new search terms. Add the terms “watch” or “watch faces” to find apps and watch faces, now even if they do not have said words in their … Continue reading … [Read more...]

NASA: Hubble is back online and already at work

Hubble is back online and back examining the mysteries of the universe, with NASA confirming that its repairs last week have restored the iconic space telescope to scientific operations. After weeks offline, a potentially risky fix was attempted on Friday, July 16, with current and past Hubble team members stepping up to rescue the instrument. The first signs of a … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Helicopters are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but there’s bad news

As the name suggests, Microsoft Flight Simulator is all about flying, but thus far, that’s been limited to flying in planes. While there’s a wide range of planes available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, from small single-engine planes like the Cessna 172 to massive passenger airliners like the Boeing 747-8, we’re still limited to flying planes at the end of the … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Five iPhone 13 release day feature tips: The best or bust?

Today we’re taking a peek at the latest batch of iPhone 13 leaks and likely features to compare to what’s already likely in your pocket – or in your hand right now. If you JUST purchased an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro this year, you might want to turn away and pretend the iPhone 13 doesn’t exist, as it’ll … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Android TV update adds new ways to cut through content overload

Android TV is getting an update, with Google adding new watchlist, recommendation, and other changes to make it easier to find new content to watch. The new features are rolling out this week, and aim to cut through the choice overload of streaming and live platforms. That is, of course, something we’ve heard just about every set-top box maker and … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Honda has realized its EV transition plan may not be good enough

Honda is preparing to accelerate its EV roadmap, considering pulling forward the launch of new electric models after talk in Europe about much stricter regulations around internal combustion vehicles. Honda has so far been targeting 2040 for EVs making up its entire range, but freshly proposed rules in the European Union could make that unfeasible. Revealed last week, the EU’s … Continue reading … [Read more...]