Russia Races to Beat Tom Cruise and NASA With First Movie Filmed in Space

Which country will shoot the first movie in outer space? Russia is now "in a race with the United States to claim the achievement," reports NBC News. 36-year-old actress Yulia Peresild and 37-year-old director Klim Shepenko will complete Russia's cosmonaut-training program, ultimately taking two of the three seats aboard the October launch of Russia's Soyuz mission to the International Space Station: The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, … [Read more...]

China just landed a rover on Mars

Perseverance and Curiosity have company on Mars, as of around 7:00 PM EST on Friday. China brought its lander down to the surface of the planet, which was carrying the Zhurong rover. China joins a select number of countries that have been able to orbit and successfully land a spacecraft on Mars, and it could become only the second after the US to operate a Mars rover. Zhurong isn’t yet operational, as it hasn’t rolled off the … [Read more...]

Three Students Sue Lambda School Alleging False Advertising

Lambda School -- incubated at Y Combinator -- raised $130 million in venture funding from several investors including Google Ventures. Its original business model involved six-month virtual computer science courses for $30,000, remembers TechCrunch, "with the option of paying for the courses in installments based on a sliding scale that only kicks in after you land a job that makes at least $50,000." But this week three former students "filed … [Read more...]

Slashdot 2021-05-15 14:34:00

The New York Times reports on misinformation that's further inflaming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: In a 28-second video, which was posted to Twitter this week by a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip appeared to launch rocket attacks at Israelis from densely populated civilian areas. At least that is what Mr. Netanyahu's spokesman, Ofir Gendelman, said the video portrayed. But … [Read more...]

Read the FDA’s latest update on the risk MagSafe poses to pacemakers

It took a bit longer than expected due to the pandemic, but Apple finally announced the iPhone 12 last October during a prerecorded event at its Cupertino campus. Alongside the new phone models, Apple also pulled back the curtain on a series of MagSafe accessories that would be compatible with the iPhone 12. A few months later, doctors expressed their concerns about MagSafe technology's effect on pacemakers in the medical journal Heart Rhythm. … [Read more...]

Scary new Android malware is stealing bank logins in these 5 regions

For all the digital threats that are circulating at any given time, including everything from credential-stealing malware to malicious code that bombards the end user with annoying ads and pop-ups, among the scariest and potentially most destructive are the threats that target victims’ banks and financial institutions. We’ve reported on a number of such threats, including malware that steals login credentials to drain victim bank … [Read more...]