Intel is ditching its tick-tock chip development strategy

Intel’s latest annual report (PDF) shows that the company is killing off its decade-old strategy for developing new chips, reports The Motley Fool. Typically, Intel would introduce a new manufacturing… … [Read more...]

Instagram’s new notification tab for the Web has Facebook’s fingerprints all over it

After its billion dollar purchase, Facebook mostly took a hands-off approach to Instagram, but today’s addition of a notification tab for the Web application is decidedly Zuckerberg-esque. The update is currently… … [Read more...]

One in five employees would sell their work passwords, some for less than $1000

It turns out that all of the security in the world won’t stop a disgruntled — or adequately incentivized — employee. According to research done by Austin, Texas-based security company… … [Read more...]

Sony now offering standalone PlayStation VR pre-orders due to ‘feedback’

If you weren’t happy that Sony was only offering a $500 bundle of the PlayStation VR for pre-order, then the company’s latest move will repair that broken heart. Citing ‘feedback’… … [Read more...]

Google is finally killing its silly Chrome app launcher for Mac, Windows and Linux

If you were tired of navigating around the Chrome app launcher, it won’t be around much longer, according to Google. Today, the company announced it was getting rid of its… … [Read more...]

Google may release an iOS keyboard, as if you needed that in your life

Google is working on another way to filter iOS users through its search engine: a keyboard. According to The Verge, Google is currently working on a keyboard for iOS that… … [Read more...]