VR makes it possible to check ‘eat tacos with Danny Trejo’ off your bucket list

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Pirated ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ copy already hit 250,000 downloads after 12 hours

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Now you can power any app with Google’s speech recognition software

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‘Leaked’ Nintendo NX controller is driving gamers crazy

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Pebble slashes 25 percent of its workforce as it refocuses on fitness

Pebble is laying off 25 percent of its workforce and will focus on the health and fitness aspects of its wearable, CEO Eric Migicovsky tells Tech Insider. Though Pebble is… … [Read more...]

Uber takes Indian rival Ola to court over ‘faking’ ride fares

There’s a battle waging in India as two ridesharing titans — Uber and the local Ola — clash over who gets to reign supreme. But in a lawsuit filed in the… … [Read more...]