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Sprint has just announced its second quarter 2013 financial results, and while it's pay as you go plans are paying off in terms of income, shutdowns and charges caused a huge loss. The company posted $7.2 billion in earnings, its "highest ever" total and an eight percent increase over last year, but also took a net loss of $1.6 billion for the quarter. It's chalking that up to a huge depreciation charge of $430 million and another non-cash hit of … [Read more...]

Google letting developers in on the Chromecast action with Google Cast SDK

Now that Google has let its $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle out of the bag at its breakfast press event, it's gonna need developers to chip in some apps for it. To help boost that effort, the company is releasing the Google Cast SDK to help those folks bring content from mobile and the web to TVs. By using the kit, developers won't need to build new applications for the big screen from scratch; they'll just need to make a few tweaks to their existing … [Read more...]

MLB.com updates At Bat iOS app with All-Star goodies, new iPhone UI

Even the most ardent baseball fans have to admit it's a long season. So it's perhaps wise that MLB.com has just trotted out an update for its At Bat iOS app just before the All-Star break, all the better to get you in the mood for the more interesting second half. First off, it'll let you access the All-Star week hoopla like the home run derby and the game itself. You'll also get new tweaks like in-progress game highlights and custom MLB news … [Read more...]

Samsung unveils 20-megapixel WB110 bridge camera with 26x optical zoom

While its mostly been busy blurring the lines between smartphone and camera lately, Samsung's still churning out regular shooters as well. Case in point: it just launched the WB110, a 20-megapixel successor to last year's 16-megapixel model packing the same 26x optical zoom. That's far from superzooms like Nikon's 42x P520, but Samsung's model does go a touch wider with a 35mm equivalent range of 22.3mm to 580mm. Other highlights include 720p … [Read more...]

Xolo Q600 hits India with 4.5-inch screen, quad-core CPU for $150

Lava has an eclectic mix of smartphones on the market under its Xolo brand, including the Intel Atom-based X1000 and dual-core X800 ARM model with an 8-megapixel camera. A common thread is that all are, shall we say, cheap, and the Q600 unveiled today is no exception at 8,999 rupees (about $150). For that sum, you'll get a quad-core Mediatek 6589M processor, 4.5-inch 854 x 480 screen, 5-megapixel rear camera, 0.3-megapixel front cam, 512MB RAM, … [Read more...]

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Alt-week takes a look at the best science and alternative tech stories from the last seven days. What goes up must eventually come down, and shortly after landing on Terra Firma from his last of three ISS missions, Chris Hadfield has resigned from the Canadian Space Agency. That leaves us to wax poetic on his legacy of space education and other oddities, while we also make goldfish disappear and admire dinosaur plumage. Welcome to … [Read more...]