10-minute bursts of exercise may boost therapy for PTSD

Studies continue to illuminate the wide-ranging benefits of physical activity when it comes to brain health, and new research has shown how that might include treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Scientists have explored how short bursts of aerobic exercise can augment an existing behavioral therapy used to treat the condition, and demonstrated that it may help alleviate symptoms by boosting plasticity in the brain.Continue … [Read more...]

Electrical zapping of brain cells hints at a sweet spot for tumor death

The brain’s natural defenses can make tumors in this part of the body difficult to treat, but scientists have found some early success using electrical fields in laboratory models. The technique involves using electrical energy to selectively target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed, with the scientists also demonstrating how it could be used to open up the blood-brain barrier for more effective chemotherapy.Continue … [Read more...]

MRI reveals never-seen-before spaces in brains of migraine sufferers

Though they are common and can have severely debilitating effects, the precise cause of migraines remains a mystery. A study has shed important new light on the topic by leveraging cutting-edge imaging technology to gain a new perspective on structures in the brain, which revealed enlarged spaces around the blood vessels in people suffering the condition.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: migraines, MRI, Pain, University of Southern … [Read more...]

NASA restores contact after Orion mysteriously goes dark for 47 minutes

After a successful lift-off from the Kennedy Space Center last Wednesday and a close fly-by of the Moon earlier this week, it had been pretty smooth sailing for NASA’s Artemis I mission so far. Mission control has now experienced a small hiccup, however, losing contact with the Orion capsule for a 47-minute period, though the spacecraft is said to be continuing on in a healthy state.Continue ReadingCategory: Space, ScienceTags: artemis, Orion … [Read more...]

3D-printed home made from forest products is 100% recyclable

With clusters and even complete neighborhoods of 3D-printed homes taking shape around the world, we're starting to see the technology deliver on its promise as a streamlined solution for low-cost housing. A recently finished project has taken this concept into new territory as a 3D-printed home made with 100% natural materials, which allows it to be fully recycled at the end of its life.Continue ReadingCategory: 3D Printing, TechnologyTags: 3D … [Read more...]

Simpler, cheaper electrical generator can be made with store-bought tape

With an ability to turn friction into small amounts of electricity, triboelectric generators may one day be used in clothes that turn movement into power, in battery-free brain implants, and a host of other scenarios. Scientists working on cheap and easy versions of these tiny generators have landed upon a design that makes use of store-bought double-sided tape, and which they say can perform on par with more complex versions when it comes to … [Read more...]