‘Leaked’ Nintendo NX controller is driving gamers crazy

Nintendo has been incredibly tight-lipped about its upcoming console, codenamed NX, so naturally, we gamers are analyzing any tidbit of information to death. Needless to say, alleged leaks of a… … [Read more...]

Google Maps now has a tab just for taxis on iOS too

Last week, Google gave rideshare services their own Google Maps tab on Android. That same feature has now arrived on iOS. If you live in the US, it doesn’t change that much; the… … [Read more...]

HTC will reveal its next device on April 12

It’s been a long time coming, but at last we seem to have a date for HTC’s next flagship phone to be revealed: April 12. The company sent out invites… … [Read more...]

Google is renaming its Chromecast app to something that makes more sense

Google today announced a small but important change to its streaming technology; the Chromecast app is now called Google Cast. It’s not a terribly surprising move; after all, Google Cast… … [Read more...]

Dear Apple, there’s nothing ‘really sad’ about using a 5-year-old PC

Apple events often bring about their fair share of controversy – sometimes the lack of diversity, sometimes with unwanted free music – but today the company hit a new low: making fun of poor… … [Read more...]

The iPad Pro just got smaller, and you’re probably going to love it

There’s now an iPad Pro with the same screen size as an iPad Air. At today’s event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled a smaller iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch screen and… … [Read more...]