Samsung Chromebook review (2012)

More Info Google launches 11.6-inch ARM-based Samsung Chromebook: $249, 6.5-hour battery, 1080p video Hands-on with Google's $249, ARM-based Chromebook Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 review Whenever we review Chromebooks, we always come to more or less the same conclusion: it's a neat idea, a computer where everything is done online, but it's not worth the money. That was back when Chrome OS devices were priced at $500, competing … [Read more...]

Don’t call it a GIF: Lightt is an app that lets you upload silent, looping clips for your friends to comment on

Technically speaking, it would be incorrect to call Lightt the Instagram for GIFs, but really, it's tough to explain it any other way. In short, it's a new app for iOS which captures short, soundless clips that play back in an endless loop. (See? Looks like a GIF and is mesmerizing like a GIF, except it's actually a proprietary file format.) Once you record a clip, or "Highlight," you can upload as many as you want, and then share them to either … [Read more...]

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook finally arriving this month for $779

Remember the Lenovo ThinkPad T430u? The Ultrabook aimed at business users (and one of the first PCs with a Thunderbolt port, we might add)? If it fell off your radar, we wouldn't really fault you: it was announced all the way back at CES (read: seven months ago). At the time, Lenovo warned us it wouldn't ship until Q3, and indeed, it's about to go on sale later this month, starting at $779. In case you need a refresher, this was one of the first … [Read more...]

Microsoft responds to critics, defends touch UI in Office 2013

If you read our preview of Office 2013, you know we liked it. A lot. But if we had one reservation it's that Office still isn't that finger-friendly, even with the addition of a touch mode that widens the spacing between onscreen objects and flattens the menus so that you don't have to tap quite as much. As if in response to critics like us (and readers too!) Microsoft has published a lengthy blog post detailing the thinking that went into the … [Read more...]