Office 2021 perpetual consumer release date locked for Windows and MacOS

Today Microsoft announced the release date for Office 2021, the company’s consumer perpetual offering for the service. At the same time, Microsoft revealed the release of the Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for both Windows and Mac for government and business licensing to general availability. If you’re looking for the next one-time-purchase Office build for your own home … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Pokemon GO Fashion Week delivers multiple Furfrou, costumes, and new Shiny debut

Furfrou will appear in Pokemon GO starting on September 21 along with a new “Form Change” mechanic. This new mechanic in the game will allow certian Pokemon to change their form with a requisite number of candy pieces and stardust. Furfrou will cost 25 candy and a whopping 10k dust to change its form – in this case, changing its … Continue reading … [Read more...]

New Windows 11 release date features surpassed with latest build

The latest build for Windows 11 was released this week with features that’ll likely appear AFTER the first public version of Windows 11. This version of the operating system can be found in the Windows Insider Program’s Dev channel. Microsoft made clear with this release that we’re now at the point at which they’re sending developers versions of Windows 11 … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Animal Crossing Puma release date and collection revealed in full

There’s a collection of new Puma x Animal Crossing products out in the world today – officially revealed by Nintendo at last. There’s a lovely Nintendo unboxing of the first pair of sneakers out in a video that shows not only the shoes, but the quality of the packaging, too. That is something we can get onboard with, from start … Continue reading … [Read more...]

GoPro HERO10 Black Review

The GoPro HERO10 Black convinced me that a dedicated camera device can be desirable and even necessary, even for a smartphone-using non-extreme-sports sort of person such as myself. During our first days with the GoPro HERO10 Black, we’ve taken the device on a journey through the basics, checking whether the device has the power to entice not only the hardcore … Continue reading … [Read more...]

NASA picks 5 companies for Artemis lander work: Who ranked best?

NASA’s Artemis lander concept process reached a point where 5 companies were awarded further millions to mature sustainable human landing system concepts. The awards will be given under the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP-2) Appendix N broad agency announcement, and represent a combined total of $146 million USD for work over the next 15 months. The companies that’ve … Continue reading … [Read more...]