New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2023-09-20 03:06:33

Knaus-Tabbert has been preparing for the electric vehicle switchover for years now, exploring everything from Wankel-extended electric motorhomes to ultralight, flexible caravan builds. Now it's spinning the latter idea into a completely reimagined camping trailer, developed from the ground up to be towed via EV. Toward that end, the all-new Yaseo's flexible floor plan relies on multipurpose spaces that include a Murphy-bed-transformed dinette, … [Read more...]

Airstream Interstate 19X is a nimbler off-grid camper for nomads

Two years ago, Airstream welcomed the summer season in with the Interstate 24X, a large adaptable camper van aimed straight at outdoor adventurers and dispersed camp explorers. Now it's closing summer out with a shorter, more capable version it calls the Interstate 19X, a playful camper van that joins the all-new Trade Wind off-grid trailer in defining the future of outdoor adventure travel and living at Airstream. Like its older, bigger brother, … [Read more...]

Fixed-blade version of crazy Romotow flip-knife RV saves $100K

For over a decade, the name "Romotow" has been synonymous with a glossy white camping trailer with integrated slide-and-swing deck. Times change, though, and in an effort to bring prices down to a more earthly level, Romotow creator W2 has launched a bald version of the original Romotow T8 trailer that leaves the deck in the factory. Buyers will still enjoy the same roomy, panoramic interior but will have to plant their outdoor furniture on the … [Read more...]

Crazy-tiny electric pump takes the blow out of ultralight camping

There are plenty of 12V pumps out there to inflate air mattresses while car camping, but options get fewer when talking about cordless pumps light enough for backpacking, bikepacking, ski touring and the like. Flextail has made it a company mission to fill this gap with tiny battery-powered pumps compact enough for even the most ultralight of trips. All those efforts have led to the new Zero. It's about the size of a fun-size Halloween candy bar … [Read more...]

Blackcamp trailer expands into serious base camp for alpine explorers

A spin-off brand of Italian forestry equipment and trailer manufacturer Schwarz, Blackcamp has developed a high-precision tool for exploring the mountains via four wheels, two wheels, one board, two feet, etc. Its Freeda squaredrop caravan can be towed nimbly through tapering canyons, over peak-splitting mountain passes, and around open gravity-kissing switchbacks thanks to its compact box form. At camp, the trailer pops, swings and slides open … [Read more...]

Mulgo pop-top turns Ineos Grenadier into a boundless micro-RV

Australia's Expedition Centre has gotten out of the gate early in launching the first piece of camper kit we've seen for the new Ineos Grenadier. Its pop-up sleeper roof turns the British 4x4 into its own camping rig, giving the rugged, go-anywhere SUV the ability to stay the night and string together extended on/off-road tours. Expedition Centre also offers options for more complete camper fit-outs for those who want additional … [Read more...]