RiverLeaf kits rework American minivans into affordable mini-campers

With RVs soaring sky-high in popularity and supply chains suffering under never-before-seen circumstances, buying an RV will likely continue to be difficult and expensive in 2022. But Kansas-based startup RiverLeaf is ready to save you headaches and money. Its affordable, easy-to-install kits transform minivans like the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica into mini-camper vans with interior dining and sleeping, and outdoor kitchen space.Continue … [Read more...]

New 437-hp hybrid Toyota Sequoia sniffs out adventure on and off road

Standing amidst off-road nameplates as iconic as "Land Cruiser," "Tacoma" and "4Runner," the Toyota Sequoia has always been easy to forget. But with the Land Cruiser off the American market, the Sequoia is getting ready to step up and shine as the rugged, off-road-ready full-size SUV of Toyota's lineup. The third-generation Sequoia shows its strength from every angle, backing it up with a 437-hp twin-turbo hybrid powertrain, fully boxed frame, … [Read more...]

ProCamp Rams are the sub-$100K camper vans Americans are thirsting for

Americans have long stared enviously at Europe, where camper vans nearly as affordable as everyday passenger cars roam highways and countrysides. Meanwhile, back in the US, it's big news when a new camper van limbos below six figures. New Wisconsin-based brand ProCamp doesn't quite hit European-level low prices, but it offers a progressive lineup of Ram Promaster camper vans with prices discounted to between US$61,000 and $103,000, injecting the … [Read more...]

Oddball backless Pak-Jak half-jacket sheds heat on the trail

Not to be confused with the brilliantly multifunctional JakPak, the all-new Pak-Jak is a totally different breed of insulator. Designed specifically for backpacking and other activities that often involve shedding layers only to quickly re-add them upon getting the chills, the Pak-Jak includes a removable back panel that lets its wearer shed heat immediately while remaining insulated around the core, where it counts. Wear it with the swappable … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2022-01-25 02:44:15

Off-roaders and Ford fanatics have been eagerly awaiting the first-ever Bronco Raptor since before the Bronco even debuted in 2020. Now it's finally here, and it absolutely looks worth the wait, bursting out of the desert atop huge 37-in tires spun into motion by a 400-hp 3.0-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo. The most extreme Bronco ever is built to transition seamlessly from torching its way across open desert to inching nimbly through gnarly rock … [Read more...]

Sleek 30-second pop-up camping trailer gains more versatility

The Dutch-designed TakeOff trailer from Easy Caravanning first caught our eye in 2020, reminding us of a camper van pop-up roof on wheels, albeit with a complete floor plan including a kitchen. The stylish, little pop-up was always a versatile powerhouse, offering a low, aerodynamic ride height for driving, a spacious, indoor/outdoor living area at camp, and a mere 30-second set-up process separating the two. With its latest floor plan, the … [Read more...]