Jet-pod-powered Zagato electric boat flaunts all-Italian style

Zagato has become the latest world-famous Italian design house to dunk its incomparable artistry into the sea. And whereas Pininfarina went big and bold, Zagato has kept things sleek and simple with a 26-foot (7.9-m) electric runabout developed in collaboration with Persico Marine. The result is the Persico Zagato 100.2, a fast, sustainable open day boat meant to become an instant collector's item that brings together elements from the nautical, … [Read more...]

Ford Maverick GFC is the cheapest US camper truck, if you can find one

The American RV market has plenty of prohibitively expensive Ford-based campers, from US$2 million EarthRoamers to $135K Loki base camps, so it's always nice to find one that's truly affordable. The Ford Maverick is a natural place to start, as the least expensive pickup truck in the US, but its small 4.5-foot (1.4-m) bed doesn't play nicely with an accessories market based around 5- to 8-ft (1.5- to 2.4-m) beds. It took a purpose-built Maverick … [Read more...]

Light, packable rotisserie raises bar for backcountry campfire cooking

On a recent search to find some cooking accessories for my annual fire pit rotisserie Thanksgiving turkey roast, I happened upon a new piece of gear that can bring that style of rotisserie cooking to a distant campsite reached only by foot, bike, raft or other light, human-powered means. The Adventure Fork can cook kebabs, sausages, chicken tenders, vegetables and other delectable foods over the fire on its own or combine into a spit to hold … [Read more...]

Silent carbon fiber electric mini-tender jets from land to yacht

Silent Yachts offers some of the most impressive electric innovations on water, particularly its solarized battery-powered catamarans that glide with kite assistance and dock in floating villas. Realizing that buyers spending seven figures on an all-electric yacht would undoubtedly prefer a clean, quiet all-electric tender to go along with it, the company presents the all-new Silenter Tender 400. The small electric tender can carry up to six … [Read more...]

Tow-anywhere Bruder off-road camper trailer goes stealth

Few camper trailers we've looked at over the years are as insanely overbuilt and impressively equipped as the Bruder EXP series from Down Under. Big, industrial-looking composite fortresses with adjustable air suspension, pressurized, dust-free interiors, gourmet kitchens, and touches like wine racks and available washer/dryers, the EXP lineup has never been begging for an upgrade. But Bruder has done so anyway, introducing the new Stealth … [Read more...]

Hybrid ultracap battery promises 72-second city EV charging

An electric car that can charge in as little time as it takes to pump a gas vehicle has long been the dream of existing and would-be EV drivers. But what if it could charge even more quickly? The average gas fill-up takes two minutes, according to the American Petroleum Institute, with other estimates coming in higher. A new electric energy storage technology being developed by Swiss tech startup Morand could offer electric city car charging … [Read more...]