Fortnite update 17.10 detailed: Arena reset and a way inside the Mothership

The next big Fortnite update will arrive in the early hours tomorrow morning (for those who live in the Eastern time zone, at least). Epic has teased the biggest change that will come with the game’s version 17.10 update, one involving the huge mothership that has been hanging out above the battle royale island. Players can expect the Fortnite version … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Watch YouTubers figure out the best fat for frying chicken at home

If you’re in the mood for fried chicken but prefer to make your meals at home, Guga Foods has a new video that may improve your frying game. The YouTubers test multiple fats for frying chicken, including one that you probably wouldn’t consider when planning your next meal, concluding that the best fat comes from a different bird — and … Continue reading … [Read more...]

World Health Organization launches free yoga app on Android and iOS

The World Health Organization has launched a new app called mYoga that gives anyone who has an Android or iOS device free access to yoga workouts. The app was launched as a joint initiative with the International Telecommunications Union, according to the agency, which tapped BeHe@lthy BeMobile to develop the product. Mobile fitness products have become increasingly popular as a … Continue reading … [Read more...]

This 3-second video should get you excited about SpaceX

SpaceX has just shared images and a video of its Falcon 9 first stage rocket successfully returning to Earth following the company’s GPS III-5 mission launch. In addition to some of the best images we’ve seen of a rocket landing, the video also gives viewers a simple, mesmerizing video of the Falcon 9 first stage smoothly dropping from the sky … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Mild homophobia paves way for long-term health issues in LGB people

According to a new study from George Washington University, even mild homophobia can be enough to trigger changes in the body that may put some lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) people at risk of long-term health issues like heart disease. The health issues may result from the increase in cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate triggered by exposure to prejudice … Continue reading … [Read more...]

WHO says Ebola outbreak in Guinea is officially over

The Ebola outbreak that appeared in the West African nation Guinea back in February is officially over, according to the World Health Organization and the Republic of Guinea Ministry of Health. The outbreak occurred in the N’Zérékoré Prefecture where the previous 2014 to 2016 Ebola outbreak happened. A total of 16 cases resulted from this recent outbreak. The Guinea outbreak … Continue reading … [Read more...]