SwitchGrade lets mountain bikers change their saddle angle on the fly

Although different saddle angles are better for different cycling scenarios, most riders aren't likely to stop and adjust that angle every time the terrain changes – at least, not with a regular seat setup. Aenomaly Constructs' SwitchGrade, however, allows them to do so quickly and easily.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: Cycling, Mountain Bikes, Seat, Ergonomic … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2021-07-23 17:48:38

While you might think that it's best to keep crops fungus-free, there are some fungi that actually help plants grow. In order to better observe that relationship, scientists have created plants with roots that turn red when infiltrated by beneficial fungi.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: University of Cambridge, Plants, Fungus, Agriculture, Genetic engineering … [Read more...]

Wearable ultrasound patch could warn of cardiovascular problems

It goes without saying that the earlier someone can be warned of an impending heart attack or stroke, the better. A new skin patch could provide such warnings, by sending ultrasound pulses into the wearer's body.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: UC San Diego, Ultrasound, Heart attack, Strokes, Blood Pressure … [Read more...]

Balloon-borne telescope promises Hubble-like images on a budget

While the Hubble Space Telescope has provided us with a wealth of data, getting it into orbit and servicing it have proven to be very expensive. The SuperBIT telescope is an intriguing alternative, as it hangs beneath a balloon instead of being launched by a fuel-hungry rocket.Continue ReadingCategory: Space, ScienceTags: Telescope, Balloon, University of Toronto, Canadian Space Agency … [Read more...]

Study suggests smartphone screens could detect toxins in water

When we hear about smartphones being used to perform analytical tasks, there's usually also a device that's connected to the phone. According to a new study, however, a phone's own touchscreen could soon be used to test drinking water and other liquids.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: University of Cambridge, Touchscreen, Water, Capacative Sensing Technology, smartphones, New Atlas Audio … [Read more...]

Self-curing resin finds use in a tougher bicycle helmet

Bike helmets work by absorbing impact energy that would otherwise be passed through to the wearer's head. An experimental new helmet is claimed to do so better than conventional models, thanks to a special resin.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: Nanyang Technological University, Helmets, Thermoplastic, New Atlas Audio … [Read more...]