Silent 120 Explorer yacht will accommodate a personal sub and an eVTOL

Austrian boat-builder Silent Yachts is already known for its line of solar-powered catamarans. Now, the company has announced its Silent 120 Explorer superyacht, which includes spaces for an eVTOL and a personal submarine.Continue ReadingCategory: Marine, TransportTags: Silent Yachts, U-Boat Worx, eVTOL, Electric Boats, Yachts - 49, Catamaran, Luxury … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2023-01-27 19:03:23

When it comes to the different types of milk containers, you might think that the only reasons to choose one over the other would be factors like convenience. Recent research, however, suggests that container material type can actually affect milk's flavor.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: North Carolina State University, Taste, Shipping Container, Food … [Read more...]

Potentially useful new microalgae discovered in a home aquarium

Microalgae are widely used in products such as biofuels, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. A newly-described type has been found in a home aquarium – and it could prove to be particularly useful.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Algae, University of Tokyo, Biofuel … [Read more...]

Rust-removing sound waves could breathe new life into MXene batteries

For some time now, a nanomaterial known as MXene has been touted as a faster-charging alternative to the lithium used in batteries. It could soon be an even more viable choice, as scientists have devised a method of making it last much longer.Continue ReadingCategory: Materials, ScienceTags: RMIT University, Nanomaterials, Batteries, Rust, Sound … [Read more...]

Tiny robots copy the click beetle to jump over obstacles

If a robot is going to be tiny, then it better have a way of getting around the many obstacles that will block its way. A new type of robot takes a unique approach to doing so, by jumping like a click beetle.Continue ReadingCategory: Robotics, TechnologyTags: University of Illinois, Princeton University, Insect, Beetle, Biomimicry … [Read more...]

Off-road Mule wagon can be hand-pulled, bike-towed or trailer-hitched

Ordinarily, we think of hand-pulled cargo carts as being one thing, and bicycle trailers as being another. The Mule wagon combines both in one off-road-capable device, which can also be mounted on a car or truck's trailer hitch.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Wagon, Off-road, Rugged … [Read more...]