Shipping container-based art gallery is made to be moved

The MOT (Module of Temporality) offers an interesting take on shipping container-based design. The project cleverly plays to the strengths of the metal boxes by creating a temporary art gallery that can be packed up and moved to a new location when required.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture, LifestyleTags: Building and Construction, shipping containers, sustainable design, Art … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2023-09-14 12:47:12

Cleveland, Ohio's celebrated Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is set to receive an all-new extension courtesy of PAU (Practice for Architecture and Urbanism). The addition will be defined by an eye-catching triangular building that will boost capacity at the site considerably and will be topped by a green roof.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture, LifestyleTags: Building and Construction, Home Extension, Green Roofs, Museum, Cleveland … [Read more...]

Ambitious project aims to create research base over 600 ft underwater

A UK team has revealed plans to build an incredibly ambitious underwater habitat named Sentinel. Assuming it goes ahead, it would function a bit like the International Space Station – but in water, instead of orbit – and could revolutionize deep sea research by allowing scientists to live underwater for extended periods in relative comfort.Continue ReadingCategory: Marine, TransportTags: Building and Construction, Underwater, Research … [Read more...]

Greenery covered towers make a big green splash in inner-city Düsseldorf

Following the completion of Europe's largest green facade, work continues redeveloping inner-city Düsseldorf, Germany, with a mixed-use project by UNStudio. Named New Heart, it will consist of two high-rise towers that incorporate large amounts of plants on their facades and minimize their grid-based energy use with sustainability features.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture, LifestyleTags: UNStudio, Building and Construction, sustainable … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2023-09-08 12:06:02

Dutch studio Overtreders W has taken an unusual approach to creating its Stable Stack tiny cabin/hotel room. The entire structure was built using borrowed materials and is secured together with straps, meaning it can eventually be dismantled and the materials returned unharmed to their owners.Continue ReadingCategory: Tiny Houses, LifestyleTags: Building and Construction, Tiny Footprint, Cabins, Recycled, Hotel … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2023-09-07 12:52:18

SHoP Architects has completed the first supertall skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York City. The residential tower rises to a height of 1,066 ft (325 m) and is defined by an extraordinary blackened stainless steel, copper and bronze facade that integrates a 115-year-old bank that was already on the site.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture, LifestyleTags: New York, Building and Construction, SHoP Architects, Skyscrapers, Residential towers … [Read more...]