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Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves was supposed to be a straight-to-series order for TNT, but it officially became an HBO Max title last year. Now, the newly launched streaming service has released a trailer for the upcoming sci—fi series, and it showca... … [Read more...]

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Donald Trump finally found a line Facebook is unwilling to allow him to cross: promoting misinformation about the coronavirus. The social network removed a post from Donald Trump’s account Wednesday after the president shared a clip from a Fox News i... … [Read more...]

Instagram inexplicably adds a Comic Sans-like font to Stories

Depending on how you about feel certain fonts, your Instagram Stories experience is either about to get a lot better or, more likely, a lot worse. That’s because Instagram has introduced four new fonts. You have new stencil and serif options, as well... … [Read more...]

The nostalgic Intellivision Amico console is delayed until 2021

The Intellivision Amico will miss its October 2020 release window (via Polygon). Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico announced the delay during a livestream the company hosted on Wednesday to show off gameplay footage of games coming to the console. As... … [Read more...]

The first US COVID-19 app built on Apple and Google tracking tech is here

The Virginia Department of Health has launched COVIDWISE, an app that uses Apple and Google’s COVID-19 contact tracing technology to track coronavirus cases and notify users when they may have been exposed. State officials had been beta testing the a... … [Read more...]

Why Trump views TikTok as a threat

TikTok’s days in US app stores could be numbered. What once seemed extremely unlikely — that the Trump Administration would take the unprecedented step of actually banning the app — suddenly looks a lot more possible. After weeks of threats, Trump is... … [Read more...]