Change Your Passwords Right Now: 560 Million Email Credentials Have Been Leaked 

You know by now that you should be changing your passwords regularly— every day there seems to be another cyber security crisis. If you haven’t changed your passwords recently, it’s now officially time: a massive database containing login credentials is floating around the internet. Read more... … [Read more...]

Lifehacker 2017-05-12 21:00:00

Fans of Bitmoji: there’s a new caricature app that you’ll want to see. It’s more aesthetically pleasing and a breeze to use, but not so simple to share. Read more... … [Read more...]

Lifehacker 2017-05-11 21:03:00

Your Facebook News Feed is about to change, yet again, and it’s because the social media giant wants you to be better informed.Read more... … [Read more...]