Google-free /e/ OS is now selling pre-loaded phones in the US, starting at $380

The Galaxy S9 Plus with /e/ OS. [credit: e Foundation ] /e/ OS, the "open-source, pro-privacy, and fully degoogled" fork of Android, is coming to Canada and the USA. Of course, you've always been able to download the software in any region, but now (as first spotted by It's Foss News) the e Foundation will start selling pre-loaded phones … [Read more...]

YouTube’s TikTok clone, “YouTube Shorts,” is live in the US

YouTube Shorts. It's like TikTok. [credit: Ron Amadeo ] YouTube's clone of TikTok, "YouTube Shorts," is rolling out to the US as we speak. The feature launched in India this September and was first spotted on US devices by XDA Developers. Just like TikTok, Shorts lets users make and share bite-sized, one-minute videos, and users can swipe … [Read more...]

Google’s Smart TV software will have a “dumb TV” mode

Google TV setup will show you this menu in the future. Here, the Google TV option enables apps, the Google Assistant, and recommendations. [credit: 9to5Google ] The new Google TV is a fine smart TV interface, but when it gets integrated into some TV sets later this year, its best feature might be that you can turn it off. A report from … [Read more...]

Google’s Wear OS neglect has left voice activation broken for months

Enlarge / A Wear OS watch. (credit: Ron Amadeo) Poor, dying Wear OS. Apparently, the Google Assistant on Wear OS has been broken for months, and until now, no one at Google has noticed. About four months ago, diehard Wear OS users started a thread on the public Android issue tracker saying that the "OK Google" hotword no longer worked on Wear OS, and several claimed that the feature has been broken for months. Recently, news of the … [Read more...]

Google Maps for Android officially gets dark mode support

This is from an earlier rollout, but Google Maps' dark mode should look something like this. [credit: Reddit ] Google Maps has finally decided to support dark mode on Android 539 days after officially launching Android 10. Google's latest blog post says that dark mode in Google Maps is "soon expanding to all Android users globally," … [Read more...]

Pixel 5a leak shows a headphone jack, flat screen, and a familiar design

The Pixel... 5a? It looks exactly like all the other recent Pixels. [credit: Steve Hemmerstoffer ] Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks, is back with our first look at a render of Google's next midrange phone, the Pixel 5a. Hemmerstoffer previously nailed the design of the Pixel 4a all the way back in January 2020, so it's smart to take his … [Read more...]