LG Velvet with Active Pen promises to deliver twice the productivity

Announcing something major when another bigger brand is also making an important announcement may not be a good idea but LG believes it can also be the best time. That is, if your product is almost the same yet is more affordable. The LG Velvet isn’t exactly the same level as the Galaxy Note 20 […] … [Read more...]

Next-gen Pixel phone to use screen from Samsung Display, BOE

Ross Young knows what he is saying most of the time. As founder and lead analyst of DSCC and DisplaySearch, he knows his way around the display tech industry. Recently, he shared some important information about the Galaxy Note 20 series. Now that the new Galaxy Note 20 phones are out, we can start anticipating […] … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 now official, looks the same but better

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 turns out to be real. Not that we ever doubted it’s arrival, we just wanted to be sure about its name. The Galaxy Fold 2 is officially called the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which means the foldable phone is now under the Galaxy Z series. People are saying […] … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 pre-order, prices, deals, and release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones are out. Finally, after months of rumors, leaks, speculations, and teasers, the Galaxy Note 20 duo is ready to make an impression. Much focus may be given on the Ultra variant if we’re talking about premium camera specs. Both allow efficiency and productivity. No doubt phones with premium features […] … [Read more...]

Google+ class-action lawsuit settlement notices being sent

Google Plus was formally discontinued last year. It was officially dead since April 2019. Those who were part of the platform before its end are said to be receiving an email update about a class-action lawsuit. Google has already settled the issue so don’t be surprised about any notice you may be receiving. The class-action […] … [Read more...]

Pixel 4 and 4a Live HDR+, Dual Exposure Controls explained

Now that the Pixel 4a is out, we know that it basically has the same camera specs and features as the Pixel 4. This means updates on the Pixel 4 may also be applied to the Pixel 4a. Google boasts that the same great camera on Pixel 4 is now available at a lower price. […] … [Read more...]