Investment platform pays record $140,000 for sealed Super Mario Bros.

Millions of copies of Super Mario Bros. have been sold, but only one for $140,000. When an early sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold at auction for $114,000 last month, it set a new record for the public sale price of an individual game. Months earlier, though, an investment platform had quietly paid $140,000 in a private sale for an early copy of the game in pristine condition. Now, that company is … [Read more...]

How your PS4 and Xbox One games will work on PS5 and Series X

Enlarge / A tense standoff across the demilitarized zone. (credit: Barone Firenze | Console gamers looking at upgrading to a new system at the end of the year likely have a few major questions about how their existing game libraries will work across console generations, such as: Will I be able to play my current games on the new system? How will those games be improved when running on more powerful hardware? Will I have to … [Read more...]

Microsoft announces November launch for Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite delay

Explode! [credit: Microsoft ] Over a year after it first publicly revealed "Project Scarlett," Microsoft announced today that the Xbox Series X console will be available in November. But while that launch will include what Microsoft says are "thousands of games spanning four generations"—including 50 new titles "optimized for Xbox Series … [Read more...]

EA shareholders say no to massive proposed raises for executives

Enlarge / Some of the executives in this building may be getting less money than they expected this year, thanks to a shareholder vote. (credit: Eliot Lash) A significant majority of Electronic Arts shareholders voted against the company's executive compensation plans late last week. The vote follows a pressure campaign from activist investor groups against what they see as excessive bonuses for executives at the company. So-called "say-on-pay" … [Read more...]

Untitled Goose Game ditches plastic for its eco-friendly game cases

Honk if you love the environment. When Untitled Goose Game finally sees a physical release later this year (after a highly successful digital launch last year), it will also see the debut of a new line of "eco-packaging" that publisher iam8bit says it "hope[s] leads an entire industry into the future." Iam8bit's so-called "Lovely Edition" release of the game will be the first PS4 title to eschew the … [Read more...]

Take-Two says its $70 game pricing will be on a “title by title basis”

$34.99 for Centipede on the Atari 2600 might sound cheap, but that 1983 price is the equivalent of roughly $90 today. [credit: Retro Waste ] After announcing a higher-than-normal $70 MSRP for NBA2K21 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X last month, publisher Take-Two is now suggesting that increased price point might not be the standard for its … [Read more...]