How to Buy a Puppy Without Getting Scammed

Let’s talk about buying pets online. It’s not a terrible idea, if you can avoid the flood of online scammers waiting to take your money without handing over a puppy. If you’re really set on a specific breed or don’t have a shelter near you, keep these tips in mind so you don’t get taken advantage of.Read more... … [Read more...]

How to Finally Organize Your Pantry Once and for All

I’m a pretty organized person—except when it comes to my pantry. I can never remember what I have and what I’ve run out of, and finding things in there is a lost cause. I finally decided to finally get it under control hoping I wouldn’t find an embarrassing number of the same item* stuffed in the shelves. Spoiler: I…Read more... … [Read more...]

Why You Should Start Massaging Your Dog

Massaging your dog sounds a little crazy, sure—but if you want to pamper your pet, there may be real benefits to giving your dog the spa treatment.Read more... … [Read more...]

Why King Oyster Mushrooms Should Be on Your Grill This Spring

You’ve probably seen king oyster mushrooms, also often called king trumpet mushrooms, before at your local asian grocery, but you might not know exactly what they’re good for. If you’re getting your grill out for spring, now is the perfect time to try out these under-appreciated mushrooms.Read more... … [Read more...]

How Negative Thinkers Can Train Themselves to Stop Being Grumps

Positive thinking has a ton of benefits, from expanding your creativity to boosting your health, but if you’re prone to a more negative outlook, it can be hard to see the glass as half full. Here’s how you can retrain your brain to become a more positive thinker.Read more... … [Read more...]

You Can Watch Live NFL Games on Amazon This Fall

Football season is still a couple months away, but that doesn’t stop you from figuring out if you need to keep your cable subscription just to watch Thursday Night Football. If you have Amazon Prime, you can ditch cable and stream the games live for the upcoming season.Read more... … [Read more...]