Here’s how PS5 storage expansion will work

Lately, there have been some rumors have been making the rounds which claim that Sony may turn on the PlayStation 5’s M.2 expansion slot through a firmware update sometime this summer. That is probably refreshing news to any actual or would-be PlayStation 5 owners out there, because if there’s one thing the console needs, it’s more storage. After leaving a … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Final Fantasy VII Remake leads a huge March for PlayStation Plus

Yesterday, Sony revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be getting an upgrade on PS5 later this year. That comes as little surprise – Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the biggest PS4 games in 2020, and considering that the remake isn’t even complete yet, we’ll certainly see its follow up on the PlayStation 5. Following yesterday’s announcement is … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Best Buy Xbox Series X and S restock could reward the lucky

Those of you looking to hop aboard the Xbox Series X|S train might find some luck in doing so today at Best Buy. In addition to restocking the PlayStation 5, the retailer also seems to have some Xbox Series X|S stock available as well, though at the time of this writing, listings for both consoles seem to be flickering in … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Best Buy restocks PlayStation 5, and this time you might actually get one

If you’re looking for a PlayStation 5, your best bet today could be Best Buy. The retailer has restocked the hard-to-find console, and this time around, regular customers might actually be able to get one. That’s because Best Buy is restocking the console in waves until its available stock sells out, so the watchful will definitely come out ahead here. … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Pokemon Legends: Arceus serves up a totally new Pokemon adventure next year

If there’s one thing the Pokemon series could use, it’s a bit of a shake up. Fans have been saying it for years, and now it looks like they may get what they’ve been wanting in a new game called Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Announced at the tail end of today’s Pokemon Presents presentation, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will take us back … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes announced for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon fans have been asking for them for years, and now it seems they’re getting them: The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are being remade for the Nintendo Switch. It seems that ever since the Switch was released, Pokemon fans have been wondering when we’re going to get remakes of Diamond and Pearl, and they were … Continue reading … [Read more...]