Best Buy revives Prime Day prices for Amazon devices

If you missed out on Prime Day prices on Amazon’s own gadgets, you have a second change to grab some of them at Best Buy. The company just kicked-off a limited-time sale on Echo speakers, Fire TV devices and other Amazon-made products, bringing most... … [Read more...]

Parallels brings Windows 10 to Chromebooks

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in both schools and businesses in recent years, but they still carry a bit of stigma when it comes to software compatibility. And it’s true that there are lots of apps you can get on a Mac or Windows PC th... … [Read more...]

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Atari and UNIS have teamed up for another Pong arcade machine you can play at home, albeit one that's much smaller than UNIS' coffee table-sized analog models. The Mini Pong Jr has a 7.9-inch LCD screen and two classic dial controls so you can play w... … [Read more...]

Pit Boss adds WiFi to its latest Pro Series pellet grills

When it comes to pellet grills, Pit Boss has a range of options that can compete with bulk of the competition, but at a more affordable price. The company has been giving backyard cooks the ability to smoke, grill, sear and more for a while now, but... … [Read more...]

Facebook uses AI to forecast COVID-19 spread across the US

It’s crucial to predict the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic when a poor estimate could lead to overcrowded hospitals or extra-strict lockdowns. Facebook is betting that AI could help. It just published a paper outlining an AI technique it will... … [Read more...]

Google revives its AI-fueled photo printing service

Google just made good on its promise to bring back its AI-based Photos printing service, and this time it’s more affordable. The upcoming premium print series will once again have machine learning select your 10 best photos each month, but you’ll now... … [Read more...]