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Cadillac has been making automobiles for well over a century but on Thursday evening the carmaker unveiled its first vehicle produced that lacks an internal combustion engine. Say hello to the Lyriq.While many folks associate still Cadillac with its... … [Read more...]

Facebook sweep deletes some fake Trump supporters and COVID conspiracies

Facebook has removed several networks of accounts that were spreading misinformation in the US ahead of the 2020 presidential election. One of the troll farms, which was based in Romania, posed as a group of African Americans who said they supported... … [Read more...]

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Ever wanted to walk a mile in Agent 47’s shiny shoes? That’ll be possible when Hitman 3 hits PlayStation VR in January, alongside its launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Sony showed off the first look at first-person, VR Hitman during... … [Read more...]

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Vader Immortal is a pretty great way to get your VR Star Wars fix. If you’ve wanted to give it a shot but don’t have a PC VR rig handy, it’ll soon be available on a new platform. the PlayStation VR version of Vader Immortal will be out on August 25th... … [Read more...]

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Game designer Jonathan Blow’s original masterpiece is getting a remaster. During its latest State of Play livestream, Sony shared footage of Braid Anniversary Edition. The rerelease will feature remastered artwork, new animations and more varied musi... … [Read more...]

TikTok launches an app for Fire TV

TikTok is no longer just for your phone: the company is launching an app for Fire TV called “More on TikTok.”The app is still somewhat of an experiment for the company, and will feature a mix of popular videos and interviews with popular creators acc... … [Read more...]