I Bought a Pair of Overalls and Now I Will Never Wear Anything Else 

My “look”—if I even possess such a thing—is best described as equal parts “teenage dirtbag” and “someone who is allergic to pants.” My wardrobe is comprised of jeans, jeans that have been cut into shorts, t-shirts, flimsy dresses, and not much else. But a new garment has edged its way into my wardrobe—and heart—and it…Read more... … [Read more...]

Lifehacker 2017-05-12 22:00:00

I love a good, topical lawn ornament—especially if it can perform double duty as some sort of scarecrow—so I am naturally pretty obsessed with what one brilliant woman is calling the “Garden Spicer.”Read more... … [Read more...]

Get Over a Micro-Breakup With These Six Slightly Cynical Strategies

When I moved out from the apartment I shared with my husband, two dogs, and a cat, it hurt real bad, but it hurt in a way that I fully expected. There was nothing surprising about the feelings that accompanied the dissolution of a ten-year relationship; I was devastated, but it would be weird if I hadn’t been. Entire…Read more... … [Read more...]

Your Immersion Circulator Is Also an Excellent Wine Chiller

The other day I was picking out a bottle of slightly-overpriced bubbly to take to a friend, when I realized the bottle I had settled on didn’t come pre-chilled. Luckily, the store had a wine chiller—a swirling water bath that cooled my Champagne down to serving temp in mere minutes. “I wish I had one of these at…Read more... … [Read more...]

Remove Sticky Labels From Glass With Whatever Oil You Have on Hand

Glass jars and bottles are infinitely reusable, but the label doesn’t always stay applicable for very long. Luckily, the cheapest method for removing the label and its sticky adhesive is also the laziest.Read more... … [Read more...]

Easy Dog Treats You Can Make For Your Furry Friend

Dogs are a very important part of life, and they deserve treats. Sure, there are a ton of store-bought options out there, but recent recalls have made me wary, and there’s something reassuring about seeing every ingredient that goes into my pet’s snack. Unlike some human confections, dog treats are super easy to whip…Read more... … [Read more...]