Torsus 4×4 bus protects off-grid pros with anti-COVID pod seating

When you're working hundreds of miles from the nearest village, deep in rocky nothingness, the last thing you want to deal with is a highly contagious disease — it's been difficult enough in cities and suburbs. Torsus has launched a new solution for keeping remote operations running smoothly in the COVID-19 era. Its Praetorian 4x4 bus is already among the best ways of escaping population densities, and now it aims to help prevent sickness … [Read more...]

Pop-top Unimog motorhome brings smart living to unpeopled hinterlands

Some off-road expedition vehicles replicate the comforts and elbow room of home by pairing huge, stretched living modules with huge trucks. Others attempt to optimize off-roadability by squeezing cramped living quarters into existing utility vehicle footprints. With its latest build, Dutch expedition module specialist Bliss Mobil has found a middle ground, planting an expandable version of its smallest motorhome box on the always-capable … [Read more...]

GSI lights the fire on its ultra-slim, lightweight camping stove

Earlier this year, GSI Outdoors introduced the Pinnacle Pro stove, the thinnest dual-burner car camping stove our eyes have ever landed upon. With a few quick folds, the Pinnacle Pro goes from a slim, easy-carry package to a full-firing cooktop. The planned June launch got delayed by everyone's favorite neighborhood pandemic, but GSI has now turned to crowdfunding to get this sleek stove onto teardrop trailer countertops and campground tabletops … [Read more...]

New Atlas – New Technology & Science News 2020-08-12 01:13:34

It was just two months ago that the Tesla Model S officially broke through the 400-mile barrier, and if EV makers weren't gunning for it before (they were), they only started aiming harder after the news. Lucid Motors has put itself in position to leave the Model S lifeless on the side of the road, revealing today that its upcoming Air sedan has leapt far beyond its initial range estimates, surpassing the 500-mile (800-km) mark. Besides beating … [Read more...]

Dam Cooler vacuum-insulates and organizes food and beverage

After seeing Yeti's $800 V Series cooler and the German-designed Qool, we figured it was only a matter of time before we'd see a competitively priced vacuum-insulated cooler for the American market. That cooler is the Dam Cooler, a 25+ quart (24+ L) ice box that saves bulk and weight by ditching poly foam and relying on thin, efficient vacuum insulated panels. The Dam Cooler also keeps your food and drink organized with a series of dividers and … [Read more...]

Knaus panoramic pop-top blows up big camper van views and space for 7

Knaus Tabbert is adding some serious pop to its 202 "caravan utility vehicle" (CUV) camper vans. Its new pop-up roof combines clean ambient lighting, smart features like wireless induction charging and a panoramic window into the best room in the house. It's an Instagram-primed penthouse just itching to get backed in oceanside for the type of views usually reserved for eight-figure homes.Continue ReadingCategory: Automotive, TransportTags: … [Read more...]