Obesity has a terrifying effect on brain health and function, study warns

Being overweight or obese has a noticeable, alarming impact on brain health that impacts its function and paves the way for mental health issues and dementia, a new study warns. The research was based on brain scans from more than 17,000 people; the results were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Key to the disruption is a change in … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Twitter security bug on Android left some private messages exposed

Twitter has disclosed the discovery of a security bug that impacted only a small percentage of users, according to a brief note detailing the matter. According to the company, it has already fixed the bug, as expected, one that potentially left some private messages exposed to malicious actors who may have been aware of how to exploit the security issue. … Continue reading … [Read more...]

DoorDash launches virtual DashMart convenience stores in select cities

A handful of big cities are the first markets to offer DashMart, a new type of virtual convenience store from online delivery service DoorDash. The company describes DashMart as a sort of general store for many smaller, common items from brands and restaurants that you may otherwise have to order individually elsewhere, or as part of a larger multi-store order … Continue reading … [Read more...]

TikTok bans deepfakes over concerns about election interference

Controversial video-based social media platform TikTok has banned deepfakes from its platform, citing concerns about the use of the technology to interfere with elections and otherwise spread misinformation. The move comes amid concerns about TikTok and its alleged potential impact on national security, as well as the general vulnerability of social media platforms to manipulation and election interference. Deepfakes are, … Continue reading … [Read more...]

American Heart Association warns marijuana is a ‘substantial’ health risk

The American Heart Association has published a new scientific statement warning that cannabis (“marijuana”) is not without health risks — and that some of them may be ‘substantial.’ The advisory comes at a time when a number of states and countries have legalized cannabis to various degrees, offering the opportunity to study the drug and its potential health benefits and … Continue reading … [Read more...]

Disney+ will release live-action Mulan movie, but with an extra cost

After several months of delays and changes in its plans, Disney has made the decision to premiere its live-action Mulan movie on its Disney+ streaming service, though it will still debut in theaters in some parts of the world. Anyone who subscribes to Disney+ will be able to stream the movie, but it’ll be a bit more complicated — and … Continue reading … [Read more...]