Theaters are closed, so these are the movies everyone is bingeing right now instead

Our list of the most-watched movies this week has the Christopher Nolan epic Inception at the top of the list. The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is now 10 years old as of July, a milestone that comes as audiences around the world are awaiting the release of Nolan's next big feature film, Tenet. The coronavirus pandemic has kept theaters closed for months, with new movies either having been delayed or shifted their release strategy to … [Read more...]

Here’s where experts think the coronavirus will strike next in the US

Experts are predicting a worrisome rise in the number of coronavirus cases in half a dozen Midwest states. The list includes places like Illinois, where Chicago was something of a coronavirus hotspot relatively early during the pandemic. This data about a predicted surge in coronavirus cases comes from the PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. In a tweet on Wednesday, Harvard Global Health Institute director Dr. Ashish Jha slammed … [Read more...]

Is the second round of stimulus checks canceled? Here’s what you need to know

The latest coronavirus stimulus bill update out of Congress is that the whole thing is on pause for now, having collapsed as talks disintegrated between the two parties over what the next stimulus bill should include. Among the ways that a new stimulus bill will directly impact average Americans is with its inclusion of funding for a new wave of stimulus checks. The bill could also provide funding for an extension of unemployment aid. One of … [Read more...]

Google Search is adding a brilliant new feature for TV junkies like me

Google Search is making it easier for TV viewers interested in pro sports games and in live TV content to figure out what to watch next. Google Search is rolling out new tools for TV viewers that include carousels of live content from cable and broadcast providers. Google Search is also giving sports fans live TV options and will now help users figure out how to tune in across a variety of services where a game they're interested in may be … [Read more...]

Florida is a coronavirus hotspot, yet a sheriff banned face masks in his office

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida has stayed stubbornly high during the coronavirus pandemic in the US, while at the same time opposition within the state to basic health guidance has also remained robust. Along those lines, one Florida sheriff in recent days actually banned the wearing of face masks in his office. Earlier this week, Florida also broke its number of deaths recorded in a single day from the coronavirus. Florida has … [Read more...]

President Trump’s new coronavirus advisor is basically the anti-Fauci

President Trump has added a new advisor to the mix of experts counseling him during the coronavirus pandemic -- Dr. Scott Atlas, who's basically there to counter Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to radio talk show host and Trump ally Rush Limbaugh. Atlas has in recent days shared views that align with Trump's but which aren't grounded in fact, including the erroneous belief that the coronavirus presents virtually no risk to young people. Atlas has … [Read more...]