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Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs: the Books They Recommended

Slashdot has featured "the 61 books Elon Musk has recommended on Twitter" as well as the 41 books Mark Zuckerberg recommended on Facebook. Both lists were compiled by a slick web site (with Amazon referrer codes) called "Most Recommended Books." But they've also created … [Read Entire Article]

Browser Extension uMatrix Ends Active Development

Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm quotes Ghacks: Raymond Hill, known online as gorhill, has set the status of the uMatrix GitHub repository to archived; this means that it is read-only at the time and that no updates will become available. The uMatrix extension is available for … [Read Entire Article]

Slashdot 2020-09-20 20:42:00

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: "If we want all students to learn computer science (CS for All), we have to go to where the students are," … [Read Entire Article]

Slashdot 2020-09-20 19:48:00

"The U.S. Air Force revealed this week that it has secretly designed, built, and tested a new prototype fighter jet," reports Popular … [Read Entire Article]

Gadgets Reviews

Review: Nocs NS2 Air Monitors v2

These wireless speakers from Sweden have been improved from a previous version. They now have three streaming methods: AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect. The post Review: Nocs NS2 Air Monitors v2 appeared first on WIRED. … [Read Entire Article]

WIRED » Reviews 2015-02-25 12:00:16

The Bowers & Wilkins T7 speaker isn't a failure, but it is not the stunning success one would expect to see from this high-end audio brand. The post … [Read Entire Article]

We Put 5 Instant-Read Meat Thermometers to the Test

With the mainstream adoption of sous vide and other ultra-precise cooking methods, the kitchen thermometer has become a necessity of the modern chef. … [Read Entire Article]

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Genshin Impact Japanese TV commercials

miHoYo has a set of Japanese TV commercials for free-to-play open-world RPG Genshin Impact, which have begun airing in major urban areas across Japan such as Kanto, Kansai, Hokkaido, Sendai, Nagoya, … [Read Entire Article]

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 DLC character Urouge trailer

Bandai Namco has released the debut trailer for recently announced One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 downloadable content character Urouge, who is due out as part of the “Worst Generation” … [Read Entire Article]

Sega / Atlus announces TGS 2020 Online lineup, schedule

Sega / Atlus has announced its lineup of games and live stream schedule for Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, which will run from September 23 to 27. Get the details below. ■ Lineup Sega Titles Astro City … [Read Entire Article]

Cell Phones

Ben Heck visits the Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Join Ben as he leaves the workshop behind and goes on a journey to Portland's Retro Gaming … [Read Entire Article]

After Math: Weird science

It's been a strange week for the scientific arts. The speed of light might not be as … [Read Entire Article]

All all-electric submarine, and more in the week that was

Are personal submarines the vehicles of the future? This week Ortega Submersible launched an … [Read Entire Article]


PlayStation.Blog 2020-09-19 20:00:00

We were thrilled to announce the conclusion to 2020’s year-long storyline during the recent ESO … [Read Entire Article]

Share of the Week: Marvel’s Avengers

Two weeks back we asked you to share unforgettable moments fighting as your favorite heroes … [Read Entire Article]

5 tips to brawl without limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Coming down the aisle, hailing from 2K, this is Executive Producer Sean “The … [Read Entire Article]

Science & SciFi

There Are No Plans in Place, But Kevin Feige Would Love the X-Men to Meet the Avengers

Five years ago, if you asked anyone if Spider-Man would ever … [Read Entire Article]

A Time-Travel Experiment Works All Too Well in Scifi Short The Constant

In a makeshift lab, a trio of brainiac students argue over … [Read Entire Article]

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With a Mashup of Bonkers Footage From Throughout the Years 

With the 40th anniversary of Star Wars coming next week, … [Read Entire Article]


Univision plans Netflix-style streaming service

Univision's streaming ambitions are growing beyond live video. The Hispanic-American … [Read Entire Article]

Engadget RSS Feed 2018-05-05 00:30:00

Well this isn't good. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the federal agency tasked with … [Read Entire Article]

Gboard beta for Android lets you create your own GIFs

Google's third-party keyboard Gboard added a quick way to create reaction GIFs on iOS last … [Read Entire Article]

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